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The semiconductor industry may represent the most demanding plant design criteria to address by engineering professionals due to the unique building systems and process piping requirements of a semiconductor Fabrication (FAB) facility. Clean Room conditions and high-purity gases and liquids needed in the manufacturing of wafers and chips dictate that stringent specifications are met in the design and construction of these facilities. Having the right 3D software tools are vital in delivering the accuracy and quality required in these projects. CADWorx Plant Professional software has a proven track record in the semiconductor industry. It has been used by prominent EPC firms, contractors, and fabricators to design and construct a number of semiconductor projects around the world.

Mercury Engineering improves design and construction efficiency by integrating CAD and as-Built point cloud data

Mercury Engineering is a leading European contractor specializing in the provision of mechanical, electrical, fire protection and technology services to a range of sectors including commercial, data centers, manufacturing, infrastructure and healthcare.

The project scope was the design of a new process plant with product pipelines that needed to connect into an existing facility. To achieve this, it was necessary to route the new pipelines along an existing pipe bridge, and across the roof of the existing structure and into a new building.

For this project, Mercury Engineering needed a solution that was able to detail mechanical, electrical, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) design as well as produce trusted, high-quality, industry standard piping isometrics. The company selected CADWorx Plant Professional due to this breadth of modelling capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and its ability to produce 2D deliverables in DWG formats. Another key reason was the short learning curve and ease of use – Mercury’s staff new to the product required only 3 days of training before they were productive. In addition, Mercury Engineering was already familiar with the ease-of-use of CADWorx solutions as the company’s BIM (Building Information Modelling) group has successfully used the solution for over three years.

Additionally, Mercury had previously developed industry-specific CADWorx format catalogue and specification content for other projects, which included their SAP part coding. Due to this, Mercury were also able to accelerate their procurement process and take delivery of materials for the project using the material control (BOM) reports produced by Isogen. Mercury Engineering received significant benefits from using CADWorx Plant Design Suite on their project:

  • Schedule certainty due to ability to track progress better.
  • Ability to design and build Right First Time due to access to accurate as-built data inside the CAD environment.
  • Reduced labor onsite due to the ability to generate high- quality isometrics, which helped to avoid the need for on-site fabrication.

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