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Current Versions of CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Products 

Product Version Release Date
CADWorx Design Review
2019 (19.00.00) Aug 2018
CADWorx Plant
2019 (19.00.00) Nov 2018
2019 (19.00.00) Nov 2018
CADWorx Structure
2019 (03.00.00) Nov 2018
May 2019
2018 R1 (37.1) Aug 2018
 2018 (7.0)
Nov 2018
PV Elite (incl. CodeCalc) 2019 SP1 (21.00.01) Mar 2019
TANK 2019 SP1 (10.00.01)  Mar 2019 
Visual Vessel Design  2018 SP1 (18.1)
Sep 2018

Upgrade to the Latest Software Versions

To upgrade to the latest software version, contact your local reseller. Alternatively, you can request an upgrade by completing this online form.

Download the Latest Hotfixes and Service Pack Updates

If you are current on your maintenance subscription for the software, visit to download the latest software fixes and updates.

Why Running the Latest Software Is Important

Technical Accuracy Matters

Hexagon PPM CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (CAS) software performs calculations in compliance with regulatory industry code standards, which ensures safety and accuracy. Using the latest versions of our software ensures that your calculation results comply with the most recent changes and additions made to the codes.

Improved Functionality and Workflows

Hexagon PPM CAS keeps a sharp focus on streamlining your workflows and adding user-focused features based on your feedback and requests. Our goal is to help you to accomplish more with the software, in the most efficient way possible.

Keeping Pace in Changing Technological Times

In an ever-changing plant operating environment, you need software that can adapt and improve as quickly as new technologies emerge. Using the latest versions of our software ensures that your software continues to run in your environment, without issue.