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Online CADWorx® Video Training

This site offers eLearning courses for CADWorx Plant Professional software in an easy to use, step-by-step fashion.  There are currently two courses available:  CADWorx Piping Level One and CADWorx Piping Level Two.  

The first course is ideal for individuals or companies who want to get their designers up to speed quickly in production CADWorx.  This course teaches how to quickly produce CADWorx models, generate Isogen® isometrics, and produce clipped orthographic drawings in Paper Space. There is also a “Learning on Demand” section for quick access to a variety of CADWorx specialized training videos. Certificates are issued for each course completed.

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CADWorx ® Plant Professional Online Training Course


Improve your plant and piping design efficiency by learning CADWorx® Plant Professional at your own pace! This specially designed training program includes dozens of online videos and step-by-step instruction workbooks to deliver the knowledge you need to boost your plant and piping design efficiency.

Intergraph Approved
This CADWorx Plant Professional online video training course - from CAD Training Technologies is the only plant and piping design video training course approved by CADWorx & Analysis Solutions and developed with you in mind. You can be assured of its quality and completeness.

Over Five Days of Content

The course contains the complete content of a five-day, in-class training course plus never-seen-before bonus material. The content covers all the major aspects of using, customizing, and mastering CADWorx Plant Professional software. 

Learn to effectively use the piping and plant design tools from CADWorx & Analysis Solutions at your own pace and move on to the next section when you want. Never be held back by the abilities of others. When you want to move to a new sectionor want to review a past lesson, you can do so when you are ready!

Quick and Easy
The video training format is great for plant and piping designers who are either beginners or experts in using CADWorx Plant, and dozens of videos are available. Ease of navigation allows users to step through section-by-section to build their skills. For expert or occasional users who want to develop or improve their knowledge of a particular plant design subject, they can go right to the section they need. It is like having your own technical advisor on hand 24/7!


You will learn the following:
  • Advanced 3D Piping and Plant Modeling Skills  
  • Piping, Equipment and Steelwork Modeling
  • Matering New Piping Specifications
  • Effective XREF Usage
  • Producing 2D Deliverables
  • Bills of Material Production
  • Exporting to CAESAR II ®
  • Exporting to PV Elite ® 
  • Pipe Support Modeler
  • ISOGEN Use and Customization
  • Effective Database Practices
  • And much more
Who will Benefit?
Piping and Plant Designers who are new to CADWorx Plant Professional. Likewise experienced CADWorx Plant Professional users who want to employ best practices to improve efficiency and increase production.

CADWorx Plant Design Suite Overview

View Examples from Training Course
To view sample videos from the training course or to learn more click on link below.

Preview mastering CADWorx Plant Professional
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