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PipingDesignOnline CAESAR II Video Libraries and Training Courses

Explore, learn, and excel. offers high-quality CAESAR II training solutions for both companies and individuals through affordable monthly subscriptions. Learn from one of the world's leading instructors at a fraction of the cost of conventional classroom training.

Online Video Libraries


Online video libraries let you learn any lesson in any order, so now you can explore CAESAR II and pipe stress analysis training your own way. Start with what interests you most and follow that with other topics as you like. Current video library lessons include 33 CAESAR II Fundamentals videos and 38 Statics videos, with more than 400 pages of written lessons you can download and print. During 2015, another new lesson will be uploaded every six weeks. This means you can continue to expand your knowledge of pipe stress analysis and CAESAR II software over time.

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Online Video Training Courses

Currently, two courses are available:
CAESAR II Fundamentals Course
CAESAR II Statics One Course

This course is ideal for new CAESAR II users. Whether you are just starting out in pipe stress analysis or a seasoned analyst just beginning to use CAESAR II, this course will give you a fast start in becoming efficient with CAESAR II.

Not only does it guide users through most of the features and options of CAESAR II, it also offers insights in interpreting results and modifying models to reduce stresses. This course is all "hands on" and filled with useful information. Included are many tips designed to maximize productivity using CAESAR II, and the course comes with a lesson guide of more than 200 pages. A certificate of completion is issued upon successfully completing all course requirements.

Designed for users who want to advance their knowledge of pipe stress analysis and CAESAR II software, this course was written by David Diehl, director of training at CADWorx & Analysis Solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in engineering and teaching CAESAR II, Mr. Diehl takes you step-by-step through a number of advanced topics and design techniques using CAESAR II.

The course consists of five lessons, 38 videos, and a lesson guide of more than 200 pages. A certificate of completion is issued upon successfully completing all course requirements. As other video training lessons are added to the CAESAR II video libraries, additional CAESAR II Statics courses will become available.

      Choose the plan that best fits your needs:

      Premium Subscription - $89 per month with full access to video libraries and workbooks. You can receive certification in two courses: CAESAR II Fundamentals and CAESAR II Statics One.

      Group Subscription - Flexible option to have your stress analysts receive training. Ideal for in-house training solutions, you can add or suspend users into and out of your group throughout the year. Certifying your engineers assures you of their level of software knowledge and technical expertise, and is the easiest way available to improve your design team's productivity.


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