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08/01/2012 Chemical & Industrial Engineering US Chemical & Industrial Engineering Enhances Competitiveness with CADWorx and CAESAR II
04/02/2012 Grana y Peru The intelligent automation provided by CADWorx saved time, reducing man-hours approximately 60%, allowing them to complete the project on schedule while reducing costs.
03/05/2012 Tata India "A major benefit of CADWorx was avoiding surprises that detected later might prove costly later."
04/12/2011 Martin Lead/Senior Piping Designer “The fabrication deliverables were produced with 100% accuracy therefore drastically reducing rework.”
12/06/2010 Donna CAD/Engineering Technical Instructor at Lee College “With CADWorx, we eliminated all annotation nightmares. When doing the piping plans and sections, CADWorx helped tremendously with identifying line numbers, elevations and equipment names.”
11/04/2010 Kapil Designer at Fichtner “CADWorx Plant allowed us to view the 3D model of the piping system beam, column, equipment, and pipe racks. We were able to save time and man-hours using technical reviews built into the CADWorx.”
09/01/2010 Thiagarajan CEO at Mech-Tech Projects "CADWorx helped us reduce engineering man-hours by 50% while eliminating the need for independent support modules for pipe support or structural design."
06/02/2010 Arunachalam CEO at Mech-Tech "The links between plant design and analysis solutions saved us time and money."
04/05/2010 Viswanathan Assistant Chief Engineer at Fichtner Consulting "CADWorx helped us resolve our project challenges while ISOGEN was used to produce accurate isometric drawings."
02/02/2010 Daniel Mechanical Engineer at Mekinvest "CADWorx tools allowed us to teach our students modern plant design tools quickly and efficiently."
12/08/2008 Keith President of PLC "I've been using AutoCAD for 20 years and am very fast but there's no way that I can come close to the speed that even my less experienced designers can achieve with CADWorx."

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