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Submmited Date:  07/13/2016

Name:  Kurita  Water

Positions:  Japan

Heading:  CADWorx helps drive innovation and industry leadership at global water company.


Kurita Water Targets More Improvement in Operational Efficiency with Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions

Company: Kurita Water
Description: Kurita Water is an advanced water and environmental management company, providing water treatment chemicals and facilities as well as process treatment chemicals including development, design, manufacturing, and maintenance.
Industry: Water
Country: Japan

  • CADWorx Plant Professional
  • CADWorx P&ID Professional
  • Advanced functionality tailored to the small-to-medium plant market
  • Ability to customize solutions for interoperability with in-house systems
  • Cost return on initial investment

Since its establishment in 1949, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Kurita Water) has been one of Japan’s leading water and environmental management companies. Over the years, its corporate philosophy has evolved to include a commitment to conducting research into the essential properties of water, in order to search for and add new value and functions to water, thus helping to maximize Japan’s use of this precious natural resource.

As part of this philosophy, Kurita is shifting its activities from the treatment of water to give basic support to industries and people’s livelihoods, to the creation of water to harmonize human society with the natural environment. In addition, Kurita Water supports soil and groundwater remediation, chemical cleaning, tool cleaning, water quality analysis, and environmental analysis. The company will continue to offer advanced water management that no other party is able to provide by integrating all its technologies, products, and knowhow; and by making the most of its synergy for the benefit of customers in East Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Once Kurita Water had expressed its ambitions to lead international water industry into a new age, it was clear that the company would require the latest and most innovative solutions to support its internal processes. To date, the company had successfully used a combination of Microsoft Office tools and software developed in-house to manage its design requirements and material purchasing. However, the Global Engineering Center in Kurita Water decided to evaluate design solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the small-to-medium plant market to meet its changing needs.

A strong requirement was that any new integrated design solutions be able to work alongside Kurita Water’s existing in-house systems.

After considering the solutions available on the market, Kurita Water decided to purchase three seats of Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional and 70 seats of CADWorx P&ID Professional.
“Intergraph CADWorx solutions were the best fit for our company’s requirements, specifically those related to functionality and customization,” said Takashi Kurita, manager of the Design Quality Improvement Section of Kurita Water’s Global Engineering Center.

“We were also satisfied that CADWorx would offer us significant cost return on our initial investment, with 70 seats.”

Kurita Water’s initial focus has been on boosting operational efficiency and quality by improving the process of generating process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).

The full results of this project are still under evaluation, but the initial indicators have been very positive, according to Takashi Kurita.

“So far, CADWorx P&ID Professional has offered everything we need for the easy creation of intelligent process diagrams, specification-driven P&IDs, industry standard symbols, and project document links with in-house applications,” he said.

“Our overall aim is to improve better operational efficiency and quality than ever by using CADWorx P&ID Professional.”

The company’s designers have also been impressed by CADWorx’s ability to be customized for seamless interoperability with in-house systems.

It is still early days for these CADWorx solutions at Kurita Water, however Takashi Kurita is looking forward to expanding the company’s usage of them.

“We have still not applied CADWorx to all projects, however we are attempting to do so in the near future,” he said. “We are also investigating the introduction of 3D computer-aided design with CADWorx Plant Professional.”

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