Success Stories:

Submmited Date:  05/12/2003

Name:  Jim  Lloyd

Positions:  President of Lloyds Project Management Ltd.

Heading:  Lloyds Project Management Ltd uses CodeCalc to save costs.


Lloyds Project Management Ltd.

It is my pleasure to write a reference in respect to the CodeCalc software. It would be as follows:

I have been using the CodeCalc software since 1997 for pressure vessels and heat exchanger mechanical design. I have found the software to be very user friendly and has resulted in significant time and cost savings in respect to the preparation of customer requests for quotations. 

Quite often the time from receipt of a bid document to the required submission date is 3-4 weeks. Before the requests for material pricing and labor estimates can commence the mechanical design has to be completed. Preparing estimates without having a mechanical design completed leads to guess work, and that can either result in a non competitive bid or cause errors that can prove very costly. 

In addition, we have to provide a copy of the mechanical design calculations to our provincial government authorities to receive registration before the product can be shipped to the customer. The CodeCalc program has been well accepted by these authorities and has helped to expedite the registration process.

The most impressive aspect of the CodeCalc program is the technical support. Whenever I had difficulty in the early stages of learning, the COADE technical group were always courteous and highly responsive in assisting me to solve the problem, thereby reducing the learning curve significantly. In addition, when I felt that improvements could be made to the program, COADE were equally responsive.


Jim Lloyd
Lloyds Project Management Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta

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