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Submmited Date:  05/27/2009

Name:  Rajiv  Kulkami

Positions:  Assistant General Manager at Godrej, India

Heading:  Godrej, India achieves compliance and record time completion with PV Elite and CodeCalc.


Read the Success Story from the Godrej company, India and learn how PV Elite, COADE software for pressure vessel design and analysis, helped Godrej to design the 882 tons pressure vessel and to complete the project in record time.

Godrej company was formed in 1897 and has since grown into an international manufacturer and supplier. The Godrej Process Equipment Division manufactures process equipment for end users in the refining, petrochemical, fertilizer, oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical and power industries.

"PV Elite gives us the flexibility to design towers and exchangers to exacting standards. We can even perform analysis on vessels with exchanger bundles located in a tower," Rajiv Kulkami, Assistant General Manager.

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