Success Stories:

Submmited Date:  02/26/2016

Name:  WorleyParsons  Resources & Energy, Abu Dhabi

Positions:  UAE

Heading:  WorleyParsons completes fast turnaround with PV Elite® and TANK™.


A multinational company with more than 35,000 employees and 157 offices in 46 countries, WorleyParsons provides expertise in engineering, procurement and construction services for clients. Client projects span hydrocarbons, mineral, metals, chemicals and infrastructure sectors.


WorleyParsons Resources & Energy, Abu Dhabi (WorleyParsons) was chosen to serve as the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) engineer for a client developing its upstream facilities and infrastructure to support the production of 1.2 million barrels of oil per day.

This large project involving 300 pieces of static equipment including reactors, columns, vessels, exchangers, and tanks presented challenges such as sizing the equipment to fit within logistic limitations of 35 m long x 7m wide x 6 m high and weight of 130 tons.

WorleyParsons also had to complete the equipment design in 14 months while ensuring accuracy. Facing these project challenges, the company chose PV Elite and TANK because of the reduced man-hours and high accuracy they could provide.


The equipment was designed using the international design codes built into PV Elite and TANK. These included ASME Sec VIII Div 1 or Div 2, PD 5500, and EN 13445 for vessels and exchangers and API 650 and API 653 for tanks. WorleyParsons was able to generate the design calculations and submit them for client approvals early.

With the 3D images from PV Elite and TANK, the company could also check complex equipment for clashes before preparing the actual fabrication drawings. WorleyParsons was able to design the equipment within the logistic limitations and provide early cost estimates. It also designed the larger tanks early in the project.

Many wasted man-hours of manual calculations were eliminated by using PV Elite and TANK. At the same time, WorleyParsons avoided the errors that would have occurred from performing the calculation in manual spreadsheets.

Because the software is easy to learn and use, the company also avoided the time and expense for extensive training that would have been required for most other products.

WorleyParsons was able to identify clashes before fabrication, saving significant time and material expenses for rework that would otherwise have presented a problem.

Also, without PV Elite, the company would not have uncovered the shipping weight of the column being different from the licensor’s published weight. This problem alone could have resulted in system failure and other associated risks.


“PV Elite’s strong material database has all the required codes for carbon steels, stainless steels, nonferrous and alloys,” explained Rohitash Panwar, static equipment engineer at WorleyParsons.
PV Elite and TANK enable user-defined material or the edit of the existing material database to meet specific client requirements.

“With the programs’ user-friendly structure, we completed design calculations quickly with accuracy and could rectify errors early,” Panwar added.

For example, the low temperature separator had been designed by the licensor, yet PV Elite calculated the shipping weight of the column as 360 tons, beyond the allowable logistic limits. WorleyParsons learned that the licensor had estimated the weight.

Identifying and rectifying this early helped avoid wasted time and added costs, helping to retain the company’s reputation. Most of all, it helped WorleyParsons to deliver a quality product on time, satisfying the customer.


WorleyParsons received the 1st place 2015 PV Elite Drivers of Success Award for its use of the software. The annual Drivers of Success competition recognizes innovative applications of Intergraph® products, impressive project results, and significant benefits from collaboration among disciplines and the integration of the products.

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