All Success Stories:

SubmitDateFirst NamePositionsDescription
02/26/2016 WorleyParsons UAE WorleyParsons completes fast turnaround with PV Elite® and TANK™.
01/03/2014 GMMOS United Arab Emirates GMMOS succeeds on vessel fabrication project in U.A.E with PV Elite®
07/03/2013 Engineers India Limited India EIL addresses complexities on large-scale pressure vessel project with Intergraph PV Elite
02/26/2013 Ford, Bacon US “CAESAR II provides the output files in an easy to read and understand format so that even clients with non-engineering backgrounds can understand the end results.”
02/22/2013 Ford, Bacon & Davis US Ford, Bacon & Davis foster training and knowledge with CAESAR II and PV Elite
01/04/2013 L&T Chiyoda India L&T Chiyoda Addresses Mega Project Challanges with PV Elite
11/30/2011 Larsen & India “We found that PV Elite calculates actual weight and center of gravity more accurately, which allows us to eliminate the time-consuming practice of manual calculations.”
07/27/2010 Rafael Mechanical Engineer, DNV Brazil “PV Elite helped us perform faster and more accurate design verification through the input of vendors' drawings into PV Elite, thereby eliminating the chance for errors.”
01/05/2010 Jon President & CEO of Ward TANK "We tackle numerous complex and difficult projects every year and can engineer with confidence using PV Elite."
09/10/2009 Kemal Senior Piping Engineer at Petrolinvest "CADWorx and CAESAR II allowed us to develop faster designs and isometric generation. We developed plant designs in only three months."
05/27/2009 Rajiv Assistant General Manager at Godrej, India Godrej, India achieves compliance and record time completion with PV Elite and CodeCalc.
06/04/2005 Jerry Pressure Vessel Design at Jake Harris & Sons, Inc. "COADE has the best support of any of the software that I have. I always recommend CodeCalc to anyone who asks me."
04/12/2005 Joshua Davidson Pressure Vessel Design at Conestoga-Rovers & Associates "COADE has the best support of any of the software that I have. I always recommend CodeCalc to anyone who asks me."
03/15/2005 Brian Engineering Department at McAbee Construction Inc. "Using any other program for pressure vessel design in my opinion is a waste of time."
01/18/2005 Bill Engineering Manager at KCI Compression Company L.P. "I must say that your support for this software is better than any I have used before. I really appreciate it."
04/19/2004 Tom Pressure Vessel Design Timmons Engineering & Process Equipment, Inc.
03/08/2004 Robert Pressure Vessel Design G & W Engineers, INC.Texas, USA.
02/25/2004 Terrence (Terry) Sr. Mechanical Process Engineer at Barr Engineering "PVElite software by COADE is a powerful tool for pressure vessel analysis."
05/12/2003 Jim President of Lloyds Project Management Ltd. Lloyds Project Management Ltd uses CodeCalc to save costs.

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