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Intergraph® Software

Intergraph is a global leader in engineering and geospatial software. Industry leading engineering companies and owner operators across the world have made CADWorx & Analysis Software their first choice. Intergraph CAS is easy to use, flexible, scalable, trusted and reliable. CADWorx & Analysis Software has also proven to be more efficient by helping reduce time and costs by 50 percent.

Intergraph-CADWorx-2013 - Intelligent 3D plant design and modeling solution Intergraph CAESAR II - Pipe stress analysis standard against which all others are measured Intergraph® PV Elite-Complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design, analysis and evaluation. Intergraph® TANK -Analysis and evaluation of oil storage tanks

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Applied Flow Technology (AFT)

Whether you’re modeling gas or liquid piping systems, optimizing your system design, studying your system’s transient behavior, designing ducting systems or need fluid property data, this is where you’ll find the best in class software for your needs.

Fathom Arrow Mercury Impulse
AFT® Software - Fathom - fluid dynamic simulation software AFT® Software - Arrow - calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in gas piping and ducting systems AFT® Software - Mercury - Intelligently size piping and ducting systems to minimize cost AFT® Software - Impulse - calculate pressure transients in piping systems caused by waterhammer
Titan SteamCalc Engineering Utility
AFT® Software - Titan - Intelligent system sizing for gas piping systems AFT® Software - SteamCalc - provides easy access to accurate steam and water properties AFT® Software - Engineering Utility Suite AFT® Software - Chempak

DotProduct 3D

DotProd DPI-7

Introducing the DPI-7 scanner! A handheld self-contained 3D scanner, based on Android.

DotProd DPI-7

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- Tablet-based, 7-inch. Runs off internal battery.

- Instant data capture and review.

- Export to all major formats.

- 16 or 32 GB storage, good for up to 5000 scans*.

- Connects via USB, Wi-Fi or 3G.

*  Using proprietary compression technology.

Leica Geosystems Software & Hardware

Software plays a critical role in handling and viewing high-definition point clouds effectively and aids in the speedy extraction of deliverables. The HDS Software Family’s complete range of application-specific and industry-relevant Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView modules has made working with point clouds easier and more efficient than ever before.

Leica’s HDS software suite – Cyclone, CloudWorx, and TruView – is considered by many as the industry standard solution to capture, visualize, extract, analyze, share and represent point cloud data as traditional or enhanced deliverables. The suite includes powerful standalone modules and convenient CAD plug-ins for working with point cloud data directly within CAD applications.


HDS Cyclone Cyclone II TOPO CloudWorx COE Data Transfer
Leica Geosystems HDS Cyclone Leica Geosystems Cyclone II TOPO Leica Geosystems CloudWorx Leica Geosystems COE Data Transfer
& Cyclone
ForensicMAP Pro
Leica Geosystems TruView & Cyclone PUBLISHER Leica Geosystems ForensicMAP Pro


ScanStation 2 HDS6100 HDS4400
Leica Geosystems ScanStation C10 Leica Geosystems :: ScanStation 2 Leica Geosystems :: HDS6100 Leica Geosystems :: HDS4400

Leica Nova MS50

Leica Geosystems :: HDS4400

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