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Featured Highlights:

  • Access CADWorx Plant Professional review (*.iCDR) models
  • Access CADWorx Design Review animations
  • Access CADWorx model review markups
  • Access intelligent model information
  • Access models stored in the cloud or sent by email
  • Component hide, transparency and isolate capabilities
  • View selection by line number
  • View selection by component type
  • Zoom, Pan and change views quickly and easily
  • Focal point lock - to fix point of rotation
  • Restrained and unrestrained orbit
  • In-app Help

Technical Specs

  •   AutoCAD compatible
  •   Microsoft Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista Ultimate (minimum)

Application Areas

Process and Plant Design, Piping, Equipment, Steelwork, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Offshore, Food, Beverage, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Building Services, Shipbuilding and Architectural.