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CADWorx Steel Professional is a 3D steel modeling package that comes complete with powerful design and annotation tools and international steel shapes. With CADWorx Steel, structural designers have access to the best structural tools on the market.


Comprehensive Steel Libraries 
CADWorx Steel Professional has a full library of international steel shapes in both imperial and metric units. Metric or imperial shapes can be placed in either environment without modifying their underlying data files.

Frame and View Creation 
CADWorx Steel Professional makes the creation of complex 3D steel structures simple. Multi-levelframes with vertical or sloped sides can be combined to createintricate layouts that allow the easy placement of steel members by thepicking of single or multiple frame lines.

User Shapes and Customization
CADWorx Steel Professional allows structural designers and engineers to create user shapesthat can be made up of plates or derived from any extruded profile.

Editing and Modification
CADWorx Steel Professional members are intelligent, so they are easily modified. Functionality also exists that allows the automatic coping of members against one another. Members can be cut, trimmed and also joined to other members— allowing design modifications without remodeling.


Database Links 
CADWorx Steel Professional outputs to popular database formats and has full auditing capabilities, ensuring model and database are kept in synch.

Reports and Bills of Material
Center-of-gravity calculations are automatically created and can be shown on-screen, in drawings or in detailed reports. User-configurable bills of material are available directly from the model or from the external database.

Links to Analysis
CADWorx Steel Professional allows links to structural and piping analysis packages.

Stairs, Ladders and Hand Rails 
CADWorx Steel Professional includes routines for the parametric creation of stairs, ladders (both caged and un-caged) and hand railings. Any attribute of these items can be modified at any time—instantly updating the model.

Annotation and 2D Output
CADWorx Steel Professional automatically creates a view for each elevation, column or row in the model.
Built-in routines can also automatically dimension, annotate and represent views in double or single line.

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   Success Stories
"CADWorx helped us reduce engineering man-hours by 50% while eliminating the need for independent support modules for pipe support or structural design."
Thiagarajan Arunachalam,
CEO at Mech-Tech Projects

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