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CAESAR II® Online Video Training             

Lesson One
  • Introduction to the input spreadsheet interface
  • Computed results - code comparison
  • Custom Report Creation

Lesson Two

  • List and Block Operations
  • Modeling Hangars
  • Creating Expansion Load Cases
  • Modeling a Wind Load
  • Utilizing Snubbers

Lesson Three

  • Modeling lines with multiple scenarios
  • Calculating results

Lesson Four

  • Flange Analysis - Nozzle Limit Checks
  • Flange and Valve Database
  • SIF Scratch Pads
  • Mirror/Copy a portion of the line
  • Rearrange elements and renumber nodes
Technical Specs

CAESAR II Fundamentals Course is an online course that can be accessed via any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

Application Areas

Process and Plant Design, Piping, Equipment, Steelwork, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Offshore, Food, Beverage, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Building Services, Shipbuilding and Architectural