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GT STRUDL Dynamic Analysis Course

This course is for those engineers who have taken the Basic Static Analysis course, or through experience, are competent in basic GT STRUDL capabilities.The objective of this course is to achieve an advanced level of competence in the use of GT STRUDL by structural engineers who are involved in the modelling of structural systems for dynamic analysis. The main topics of the course are as follows:

  • Overview of dynamic analysis features of GT STRUDL and  their relationship to static analysis.
  • Modeling structures for dynamic analysis including specifications for mass, damping, and dynamic loadings.
  • Solving Eigen solution problems with and without initial stress considerations.
  • Creating Peak-Broadened and Enveloped Response Spectrum families of curves for design purposes.
  • Performing structural dynamic response associated with rigorous Response Spectrum seismic analysis including  the missing mass problem, mode combination methods  such as RMS, PRMS, CQC, ALG, ABS, Ten-Percent, Double Sum, Grouping, Gupta, and Lindley-Yow methodologies, creating resultant seismic response results, and combining response spectrum analysis results with static analysis results
  • Performing structural dynamic response using linear time history dynamic analysis using mode superposition & direct integration methods, nonlinear time history dynamic analysis using direct integration methods, maximum response harmonic analysis, and steady state harmonic analysis
  • Interpretation and use of dynamic analysis results for structural design purposes
  • Examples of rigorous seismic Response Spectrum dynamic analysis and time history dynamic analysis will be presented
  • The workshop will be used to perform various types of dynamic analysis.
Note: Attendees should bring their laptops and have administrative privilege. GT STRUDL will be loaded on the laptop at the start of the course and security keys will be provided for the duration of the course. The instructor will retrieve the security keys from students upon conclusion of the course.

May 6 - 7, 2019 - Norcross, GA
November 11 - 12, 2019 - Norcross, GA  

Contact Information:

Toll Free:         1 800.766.7701 (option 2 for training)
Email:             gtstrudl@intergraph.com or ppmcrm@intergraph.com