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PV Elite®

  • Vessel Design and Analysis
  • Exchanger Design and Analysis 
  • Tubesheet Design and Analysis
  • Rectangular and Non-Circular Vessel Analysis
  • Individual Component Analysis
  • Cutting-edge Graphics
  • Design Tools and Wizards
  • Comprehensive Error Checking
  • Saddle, Leg and Skirt Design
  • Analysis for Horizontal Shipping of Vertical Vessels
  • User-Definable Reports
  • Wind Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • International Vessel Codes
  • Extensive Material Databases
  • Steel Databases and Modeling
  • Links to CADWorx Equipment
  • Built-in Print Capability for PDF Format
Technical Specs
  • Click here for a complete list of software requirements and operating system compatibility for PV Elite® software. 

Application Areas

Process and Plant Design, Piping, Equipment, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Offshore, Food, Beverage, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment and Shipbuilding.